Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Spring Day in Monterey

Our sister is on spring break and we thought it would be nice to take her to Monterey. We made a list of several places to visit, including the popular Crepes of Brittany and the Aquarium.  We Parked at the Old Fisherman's wharf (where Crepes of Brittany was located). Parking was $1/half an hour.
Right away we can see why the place was popular. The decoration, choices (ice cream, coffee, crepes) and the view were refreshing!

For ~ $7, you get a small crepe. Having had crepes from other places in Northern California, we're not sure why the the crepes are are so popular. The quality and taste of the crepe was nothing extraordinary.
strawberry nutella crepe
 What a beautiful day it was!
making chocolate!

There are rows and rows of stores and eateries to see. We wish we had headed out to Monterey earlier in the day!

1. To fully enjoy Monterey, dress in layers.
2. wear comfortable shoes
3. Rent a bike-we were envious of the bikers in the area
4. Traffic is quite strange when you enter the city. You can avoid such traffic if you head there early!
5. The Aquarium lets you enter and exit if you get a day pass. Arrive early and take a break outside. There are plenty of eateries next to the Aquarium. Return when you're full and ready to enjoy more of the Aquarium.

Have fun!

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